October 1st, five weeks to the day from when we left, we arrived back at October Farm. Almost 8000 miles of road lay behind us and many adventures. The trip home was something of a blur as we moved for the first time to the Interstates and made some miles. Large and small cities skipped by Fargo, North Dakota (supposedly lovely along the Red River but you couldn’t tell from I-90), Minneapolis, Chicago, Cleveland ( all in one day). Then came Erie, Buffalo, and the Mass Pike. We could smell the flowers. We saw our first Maine license plate on 495 in northern Massachusetts. Before we knew it we had crossed the Pisquataqua River and were back in Maine, then home..Image

Unloading the Prius was a big job. This car has amazing capacity



We will have more time for reflection on this trip in the days ahead, but a few observations: this a truly vast and impressive country. To say we have fertile plains is an understatement. They go on from Western North Dakota all the way to western Ohio. With the ubiquitous dinosaurs of irrigation, Americans are still doing an incredible job of growing all the essentials: corn (aka ethanol), wheat, soybeans, sunflowers being the most prevalent.



Beyond the plains in Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho there are vast prairies filled with cattle, beautiful mountains, expansive lakes and mighty rivers. In short, we may depend on our cities and their surroundings for much of our industry, but make no mistake, the soul of America is in places like Medora, North Dakota, where Teddy Roosevelt earned his spurs.

It is a glorious country out there. If you haven’t seen a dawn on the Yellowstone River, don’t miss it in this lifetime.Image



5 comments on “Home!

  1. Arlene and Will Dovel says:

    Welcome home! Glad you are home safe and had some wonderful experiences. By the way, thanks again for sharing them! I am blown away about how much that little car “that could” can hold! Amazing!

  2. dianabanana1945 says:

    Hi Sally and Ron,

    Welcome home!! I have enjoyed your posts and photos very much and tried to leave a message recently but am not sure I succeeded. Yes, you probably have inspired a lot of us to take such a trip! Hmmmm, it might be a wonderful way to reward ourselves for throwing out stuff in preparation for downsizing, 3 or 4 years from now! In any case, we’d love to catch up with you when you can, perhaps for a Portland Stage play and dinner.



  3. Warren says:

    Thank you for sharing your adventure. I feel like I was along with you to see a small part of all the interesting, nice, and “American” places you visited.

    • You WERE on the trip with us, Warren, as we felt connected to everyone who was following the trip. I think there were several intangibles that occurred that are hard to describe, but for the most part, it was a real “road trip” versus a tourist trip…I’m ready to go again!

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