Coeur d’Alene- golfing fun

Leaving Stanley we headed to for northern Idaho’s big city on the lake,Coeur d’Alene. En route we stopped for the night in Moscow, home of the University of Idaho Vandals. The UI campus is lovely and really gives the character to this small town. Why ever was it named Moscow?

Our plan for Coeur d’Alene was to play some golf. We started with Circling Raven, one of Idaho’s top ten courses, located on an Indian reservation just south of Coeur d’Alene. It is a lovely course set partly amid rolling wheat fields and partly in pine forest.  Strong wind and showers added significantly to what was already a challenging course.

But this was just warm up to the gem of northern Idaho, the Coeur d’Alene Resort Golf Club with its famous “island green”. In a magnificent setting on the northern shore of the 25 mile long Coeur d’Alene lake, the course is a visual delight- flanked by lots of lovely pines, beautifully kept with lots of special touches . It is a gem. Like a beautiful woman with just a touch too much makeup,  it is almost too precious. The island green is truly an island, approached by boat after the 150 yard shot across the lake. With the 25 miles of lake stretching behind the green, the visual effect is shooting at a postage stamp.


Ron managed to put his first ball into the lake. Sally calmly stuck her shot on the green. Both agreed this was a place to come back to.

Then we bundled into the Prius for the late afternoon drive to Missoula, Montana.


One comment on “Coeur d’Alene- golfing fun

  1. kevin sharer says:

    What an adventure!!!! I so appreciate the pictures and the posts. Like we are feeling it too. You will treasure this forever and my bet will expand the idea. The equivalent of young at heart(boy are you) doing the back pack across Europe post college trip. A perfect fall day in New England and Carol and I having fun date weekend before we head out. Me to the West for Chevron, visit in LA, member guest at Cypress, Hawaii to see a friend and then through SEattle to give Katie her 30th birthday present and see her SEattle house. CArol looking forward to her trip to Libya to help the women legislators in late October and me with Heather to Berlin and Munich. School is wonderful-so different as a sophomore. Talked to all the vets the other night. Look forward to your visit here in our little paradise. Now have three boats-power, sail, and little inflatable to picnic across the way on the deserted beach and go to town. The Republicans are truly crazy!

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